A coffee with Galat

Joseph Galat Noumer

Sogamoso, Boyacá, on November 17, 1928) President of the University La Gran Colombia, founder of channel Teleamiga in 1999, operated by the Foundation stroke, licensee of the signal. He studied law and political science at the National University of Colombia (1948-1953), with studies in political science and sociology at the University of Paris (1953-1955) and studied philosophy in the University of Barcelona (1955-1956).

Speaks 4 languages: Spanish (mother tongue), French, English, and Italian and the characters which admires include Carlos Lleras Restrepo, Misael Pastrana Borrero and Darío Echandía.

He has served as Director of the UNIAPAC in Colombia, Belgium-based subsidiary of the International Union of entrepreneurs Christians, from which promoted between 1961 and 1963 the three first Community companies in Colombia. He is co-founder and first director of the school of peasant leaders and student of the Central de Juventudes (1961-1965) and her professor for many years. He was the Vice President of the National Council of lay for several years. Around eight (8) years was Presidential Advisor in the periods of Carlos Lleras Restrepo (1966-1970) and Misael Pastrana Borrero (1970-1974). He was a member of the National Board of Directors of Banco Popular (1966-1974), and the Board of Directors of Inravision (1970-1974); Consul General Central of Colombia in Paris (1974-1976).

As Presidential Advisor it impulsed "baccalaureate programme radio", which benefited more than two million young people; the creation of the channel 11 currently known as signal Colombia, the educational program of popular training of adults and the "University al Aire". Induced the Popular "legal foundation" for lawyers help low-income people, and also starred in the creation of community enterprises, axis of the social reform.

He has also worked as Professor at different universities in Bogotá (1951-1953 and 1959-1966) and exercised the office of rector of the Universidad La Gran Colombia, since 1981. From there, it has developed various projects which include the continuation, promotion, creation, training and counseling program of community-based enterprises of which exist today about 5,000 in all Colombia, in which work around 250,000 people. It has led to the establishment of revolving funds for the financing of community-based enterprises in 163 Colombian municipalities. Those funds are a kind of community banks in the village, created by councils to lend to self-help. He made the creation of Teleamiga TV channel in Bogota D. C., (2001) and at the international level with coverage in Latin America, United States, Europe, and North Africa. He also managed the creation of business incubators of base technology, including incubate Colombia (2000) and incubate Quindío (2002), as well as the creation of the baccalaureate program remote and virtual (2004).

As a writer has published 22 books on various topics, among which are the following works: 1) a borrowing country, 2) the Colombia we want, community and shared, 3) strategies for peace, 4) the new Constitution: better or worse than the 1886? (en colaboración), 5) the new Constitution: tumble or change? ((((en colaboración), 6) Postmodernism and modernism against the pre-modern, 7) for a definition of conservatism, 8) a proposal for a new country and 9) theologians of apostasy.


Community firms are formed from three people, they all contribute, all work personally, everyone involved in its administration and win according to their yields. The fraternity must be shaft and the heart of this type of companies. This proposal is a dream based on realities, because it has back- up community-based enterprises, José Galat has done in different stages of their lives, as well:

The first three of these companies in Bogota, Medellin and Cali, between the years 1962-1963, as Executive Director of the UNIAPAC in Colombia, organization of Catholic businessmen in their work of helping the most needy. As Chief Presidential of Carlos Lleras Restrepo (1966-1970) and Misael Pastrana Borrero (1970-1974), when through the Incora were created around 1300 of these companies, as the axis of social reform. As Rector of the University, the great Colombia from 1981 until now with the creation, training and advice about 4700 businesses nationwide, employing around 215000 Colombians.

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